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Meant works as hard as you do, multitasking with less so you can do more.

We make hardworking, multipurpose body care products that nourish your skin and simplify your routine. Made with natural, organic and certified organic ingredients, Meant delivers noticeable results in simple fashion. And our products and practices are uncompromising. Because doing the right thing just feels right.

Meant is mindfully made, minimalist-designed and massively rewarding. This is gender-inclusive care for all.

Simple Does It.™
Meet Lindsay Knaak-Stuart
Founder / Brand Builder / OG Minimalist

The person friends call to learn about new products, because she clearly spends too much time on Instagram. An ex-advertising and fashion executive but that’s kind of boring and not what this is about. So why Meant?

While struggling with infertility and desperately seeking answers, looking at a family history of cancer and then eventually pregnant with her first child, Lindsay grew increasingly aware of and concerned with the products she was using to clean her home and with what she was putting on and in her body. Thanks to brands like Method, cleaning her home without toxic chemicals was easy, and proximity to Whole Foods made eating organic convenient. Skin and body care was a harder makeover as organic products didn’t produce the results Lindsay was looking for. And as a self-described product junkie with a weak spot for well-designed, good-smelling products, she found the natural market was more geared at her college hippie self.

Fast forward, and now a visibly aging mother of two toddlers with approximately three minutes to herself every morning, Lindsay still likes products; craves results even more; wants to be pampered, and needs those three minutes to work like hell. And massive bonus points if you can clear out the 12 products taking up space in her shower and replace them with a few hard workers. She’s also a neat freak, hates clutter and occasionally “styles” her shower for fun. That’s why Meant was born.

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Keep it simple.
When it comes to body care, we’re all about less is more. Same goes for your inbox. Well-edited updates on Meant is what you can expect. Promise. And better yet, receive 10% off your first full priced order.