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Lifestyle: How to fit your vacation in a carry-on


How to fit your vacation in a carry on

We all get annoyed when we’re the ones trucking the extra-large luggage through the airport. But the thing is, it feels like we need every single item and a backup when we’re packing. The I-forgot-it horror can be too real sometimes.

Despite what you may believe, it is completely reasonable, practical and even easy to travel with just a carry-on your next plane journey. We’re not saying a carry-on for a month-long trip maybe — but 10 days? Easy peasy. Here’s five tips you can follow to make your next journey lighter:

1. Take only what you need

This is the hardest rule of all, but the most significant. Too much of our luggage is often devoted to the possibilities of various scenarios on your journey. And while it’s good to have options, you don’t want to be unrealistic. Why bother bringing a swimsuit if you know you’re not going to have time to sit in the hotel pool?

For every item you pack, ask yourself: How will I be using this? Each piece should have at least more than one answer — otherwise, it’s probably not worth bringing. 

And if you forget something, most likely you’ll be able to buy it wherever you’re staying.

2. Mix and matchable clothes only

Don’t carry more than a week’s worth of clothes — you’ll most likely be able to do laundry wherever you’re staying. And all the clothes you bring have to match, meaning you can wear all your shirts with all your bottoms. It will make sure creating outfits is as easy and interesting as possible!

Check out brands like ADAY, which has high-quality essentials that you can wear with pretty much anything (and even a travel collection!), and Everlane, which sources all its products from ethical factories.

Depending on what sort of clothes you bring, it might also be more efficient for you to roll your thinner pieces, like T-shirts and dresses. You want pieces to stay as compact as possible.

3. Multitasking products

You probably don’t want to carry your whole makeup bag on you trip (and if you’re traveling carry-on only, that also means no liquids larger than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters!). Some easy fixes? Shop multitasking products, like Meant’s Do-All Wash and Conditioner, and multitasking makeup. When Lindsay, our founder, travels with her husband and young children she brings Meant’s wash, conditioner and Absolute Balm and she’s set for the entire family’s bathing needs. Just make sure to portion out products into smaller containers.

4. Wear your bulkiest stuff on the plane

If you’re going somewhere cold, this is your chance to bundle up on the plane to save space. It also helps to wear your heaviest shoes while boarding. In general, though, pack clothes that can be layered, like a windbreaker and sweater, rather than one bulky piece. It will make it easier to adjust to temperature in your destination, too.

5. No extra travel gear

As much as we love physical books, they’re heavy! Carry an e-reader, a thin paperback, magazine or newspaper. And if you can do without, try not to carry extra travel amenities, like pillows (use your bulky jackets instead!).

Hopefully these tips give you some ideas on how to travel lighter. Are we missing any? Let us know your ultimate packing tips in the comments!

Haley Kim

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