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Friends of Meant: Priscilla Debar

Friends of Meant

Priscilla Debar, Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brand

We don’t always know it, but we’re surrounded by people who do cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, artists, you name it — we love to be inspired, and we think you will too. We asked some of our friends to answer short questions about themselves relating to career, habits and life. Enjoy!

Priscilla Debar is the founder and CEO of FAUBOURG, a luxury sustainable fashion brand. Priscilla was born in France and lived in Paris before moving to New York, and worked in media, fashion and law before starting FAUBOURG in 2017. On her website, clothes, shoes and accessories are categorized by how it was made sustainably, whether it be handmade, organic, locally-made, out of recycled materials, social/fair trade and/or eco-friendly.

Priscilla and Lindsay, Meant’s CEO and founder, met through a mutual friend and bonded over their similar stories — they started their businesses around the same time, had corporate backgrounds, are first-time entrepreneurs, live in Brooklyn, New York, and are both moms!


Name: Priscilla Debar

Job Title: Founder & CEO

How did you get into this work? After living in New York for over a decade and having my daughter, I felt a need to go back to fundamentals and take things more slowly, with more consciousness. I've always had a passion for fashion but I couldn't find a place to find clothing that was both exciting and sustainably made. So I started FAUBOURG to fill that need and inspire others to wear their values.

Getting to know you…

Desert-island product? An ancient astrology book to learn how to read the stars. There must be no light pollution there so I can only imagine how bright the stars at night. I'd also take the Absolute Balm to keep my skin from drying up!

Signature scent? I wear Le Premier Parfum in the winter and in the summer go between Dior's Vetiver and an artisanal orange blossom water I found in Saint Paul de Vence. At home, I love to start the day with Pour Le Matin candle by Francis Kurkdjian.

Go-to outfit? These days, it's high-waisted, wide-legged jeans and a white shirt and a blazer.

Guilty pleasure? Shoes... I now I technically have enough but I just can't resist adding to my collection. Food wise, there are too many to name but the creme brulee doughseed from Donut Plant is incredible. Very bad for you though.

Favorite piece of furniture in your house? So I just moved and it's still like a blank canvas in many ways. But we just go a beautiful mid-century inspired sustainable acacia wood bed and I'm in love with it.

Last show you binge-watched? I actually had to go back to my Netflix history...

First concert? My dad took me to see Kassav in the Zenith of Paris when I was 4 years old. It's a band from the French West Indies that's known for creating the zouk music genre. They were huge at the time. I still remember it. The energy was off the charts.

Favorite vacation destination? I can never turn down a trip to Jamaica.

Favorite Instagram account? Too many to name just one.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Aim high.

App you can’t live without? Whatsapp — I have relatives and friends all over the world.

Quick fire, go!

Mascara or lipstick? Mascara

Morning or night? Depends what for

Neat or messy? Organized mess but getting ultra neat with time

Beach or mountains? Beach

Shower or bath? Shower. I do LOVE a hot bath though but I cannot indulge as often.

Coffee or tea? Coffee. Then tea.

Bar soap or body wash? Body wash

Quality or quantity? Quality always

Shave or wax? Shave.

Swear or don’t swear? I may have been a sailor in a past life....

On time or run late? Working on it but still run late at times.

Flats or heels? OR Sneakers or flip flops? Sneakers

Dogs or cats? 100% dogs


3,000 unread emails or zero inbox? more like 55K. I know it's crazy.

Toilet paper: under or over? Over.

You can find Priscilla and FAUBOURG at:

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