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Friends of Meant: Joe Ferrari of Tend Greenpoint

Friends of Meant

Joe Ferrarior Tend

We don’t always know it, but we’re surrounded by people who do cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, artists, you name it — we love to be inspired, and we think you will too. We asked some of our friends to answer short questions about themselves relating to career, habits and life. Enjoy!

Joe Ferrari is the owner of Tend Greenpoint, a shop for small-space gardeners in Brooklyn, New York. The store is your one-stop shop for anything gardening-related, like containers, soils and tools. Tend Greenpoint is also a passion project for Joe, who has been a lifelong green thumb. He grew up in a small New York town and helped build his family home, and in middle school started gardening his own part of land next to the house.

Lindsay met Joe eight years ago while they were both working in the corporate fashion world at Kate Spade. Ironically, both left to start their own projects — Joe with Tend Greenpoint, and Lindsay with Meant. So let's get to know Joe!

Joe Ferrari of Tend

Name: Joe Ferrari

Job Title: Owner/Green thumb

How did you get into this work? I started gardening with my dad as a kid, and grew up tending to most of the gardens at my parent's place in Ulster County, NY. Living in Brooklyn, houseplants took the place of gardens until I scored an apartment with a front garden 10 years ago. That inspired me to pursue further education at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. And finally, pairing my hobby and schooling with expertise in corporate retail operations and e-commerce, I conceived Tend Greenpoint.

Getting to know you…

Desert-island product? My operations-focused brain wants me to say something food-related, but the next thing that popped into my head is toothpaste. Something about brushing my teeth makes me feel like I can get focused on the day (or getting off the island).

Signature scent? For me personally, it's English Laundry Tahitian Waters every day. But in our shop, the scent is Standard Wax's Green Thumb, naturally. The reed diffuser keeps us smelling good, but the candles are equally amazing.

Go-to outfit? Black jeans, T-shirt, Nike flora/camo Janoskis

Guilty pleasure? The El Rey at Five Leaves — best grapefruit margarita out there.

Favorite piece of furniture in your house? My dresser — a relative gave it to me in the ‘90s and it has traveled with me to many apartments. It had a broken leg, peeling veneer and tons of water damage. I refinished it in all black a few years back and I love it. It also fits a TON of clothes!

Last show you binge-watched?Trial and Error” — if you haven't seen it, it's a ridiculous half-hour comedy about a lawyer in a small town. Each season focuses on a different court case.

First concert? I've seen a lot of concerts from a young age. I can't remember which was my first, but the earliest, most memorable show was Boy George and Culture Club at Madison Square Garden on Thanksgiving when I was in 3rd or 4th grade (a very, very, very long time ago).

Favorite vacation destination? Newport, RI for the Newport Folk Fest. Three days at an old fort with water and boats on three sides listening to my favorite bands!

Favorite Instagram account? houseofbeautyandculture — as they describe themselves, "Antiques & Interior Decoration... and the myriad of things that inform and inspire those choices." It's basically just a feed of gorgeous, inspiring images.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Nobody else knows what I think perfect looks like. That is, if something in my garden or my shop isn't exactly as I wanted it to be, the customer will never know. I have to remind myself of that daily.

App you can’t live without? The Sonos app! I can't live without music playing constantly.

Quick fire, go!

Mascara or lipstick? OR Hair: Product or No Product? for my hair . . . Davines Strong Moulding Clay with firm, matte finish

Morning or night? Night

Neat or messy? In between

Beach or mountains? Mountains

Shower or bath? Shower

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Bar soap or body wash? Body Wash

Quality or quantity? Quality

Shave or wax? Uh, shave.

Swear or don’t swear? SWEAR (in all caps)

On time or run late? Run late

Flats or heels? OR Sneakers or flip flops? Sneakers! Never flip flops. Though I did just get the EVA Birkenstocks.

Dogs or cats? Dogs!

3,000 unread emails or zero inbox? Maybe 100 unread emails

Toilet paper: under or over? OVER

You can find Joe and Tend at:


Haley Kim

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