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Friends of Meant: Ana Alexandrovna of Minori

Friends of Meant

Ana Alexandrovna

We don’t always know it, but we’re surrounded by people who do cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, artists, you name it — we love to be inspired, and we think you will too. We asked some of our friends to answer short questions about themselves relating to career, habits and life. Enjoy!

Ana Alexandrovna is the CEO and co-founder of Minori, a blog focused on minimalism with an emphasis on beauty and skincare. Four years ago, the beauty industry professional was introduced to the Marie Kondo method of decluttering after struggling with anxiety related to clutter in her own apartment. As she works toward becoming a Certified Marie Kondo Consultant, Minori serves as a place to continue recording her minimalism journey and highlight the tidying-up sessions of her clients.

Ana and Lindsay met while hosting a joint Meant and Minori event at Naked Retail in New York City last summer. The two hit it off on their joint appreciation for minimalism, beauty and skincare!

Anastasia Bezrukova of Minori and Marie Kondo

Name: Ana Alexandrovna

Job Title: CEO and Co-Founder of Minori

How did you get into this work? I spent many years working as a buyer. Started off by being a commodity buyer, then a food buyer for the restaurant industry, then finally a buyer for the personal care and beauty category for Canadian retailers. I fell in love with the world of indie beauty and never looked back. I was very inspired by other brand founders following their passion, and was hoping to one day follow mine and create an amazing company that reflects my personal values.  

Getting to know you…

Desert-island product? A solar powered Kindle with unlimited books. Beauty wise, I'd bring shampoo as I can't function with oily hair. 

Signature scent? Something with Sandalwood or Frasier Fir. I don't wear fragrance, but I love surrounding myself with nice candles. 

Go-to outfit? A light-colored blouse or a gray sweater with a black leather wrap mini-skirt. I consider myself a minimalist and embrace having a small capsule wardrobe. 

Guilty pleasure? Massages. If I were a billionaire, I would get massages every day! Ramen comes in a close second. 

Favorite piece of furniture in your house? An antique china cabinet I got as a gift from a friend who was an antiques dealer. It traveled with us from Toronto to New York, and most recently from New York to San Francisco. It does not fit the minimalist vibe I keep aspiring for my apartment, but it has a lot of character, history and emotional importance. 

Last show you binge-watched? Workin' Moms

First concert? Metallica. 

Favorite vacation destination? Italy. I could go back a hundred more times and would not get tired of it. 

Favorite Instagram account? @tobimakeup @overheardnewyork @subwaycreatures @thegoodtrade

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? My dad told me to write down my life goals on paper and to never stop learning and improving. I'm a strong believer in the power of positive thinking accompanied with daily actions that will get you towards your goals. 

App you can’t live without? Uber and Instagram. I do use Instagram quite a bit to connect with Minori followers and to make new friends within the beauty and minimalism community. I have met many people in real life that I originally connected with on IG.   

Quick fire, go!

Mascara or lipstick? OR Hair: Product or No Product? No Product. I'm a Shampoo/Conditioner kind of gal… nothing else. 


Morning or night? Night. 9 pm to 1 am is when the magic happens.

Neat or messy? Messy. I am becoming a Certified Marie Kondo Consultant as a result of needing a solution to my otherwise messy habits. Owning a lot less stuff, and only the ones I really care for, helps me control my messiness. 

Beach or mountains? Mountains. Bonus points if there is a lake near the mountain. 

Shower or bath? Showers, but I miss a good bath! My SF apartment does not even have a bathtub. I used to love taking baths in my mom's house where I grew up. I would light candles and listen to ‘80s rock ballads. I miss those teenage days when time felt like an unlimited resource. 

Coffee or tea? Tea. Earl Gray with milk and honey. 

Bar soap or body wash? Body Wash. I love the burst of scent that comes out of the bottle when you squeeze it!

Quality or quantity? Quality 100%. Quality friends, quality time, quality things...  

Shave or wax? Laser so you don't have to deal with either! 

Swear or don’t swear? Swear... in French :) 


On time or run late? On time. I hate being late and making people wait. 

Flats or heels? OR Sneakers or flip flops? Heels whenever it matters! I'm 5’4, so a good block heel is always welcome. 

Dogs or cats? Both! I'll stick to cats until I retire and have proper time to take care of a dog. 

3,000 unread emails or zero inbox? Business email: zero inbox. Personal: 3000 unread emails 

Toilet paper: under or over? 1% world problems... never even thought about it. Under I guess, less chances of it unrolling. 

You can find Ana and Minori at:


Haley Kim

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