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Behind the Brand: Meant's Unisex Body Care

Behind the Brand

gender neutral products

Like all great ideas, the idea for Meant came in the shower. Founder and CEO Lindsay Knaak-Stuart noticed that between her shelf and her husband’s shelf in the shower, there were multiples of nearly every product. Her husband had a shampoo, and Lindsay had a shampoo; her husband had a shaving cream, and she had a shaving cream. “It didn’t make sense to me why we were both using different products for the same end goal,” Lindsay says.

Unisex Body Care Inspired By Inclusivity

It is the same ingredients in the same types of products, yet women’s products are more expensive (a concept known as the pink tax). All that was different was the branding, which was more masculine for men and feminine for women. Brands also talk differently to men, Lindsay says, who has a background in marketing, but men didn’t need to have products “dumbed down” for them.

Once Lindsay knew she wanted to start a skincare company, it was obvious and a natural fit that it would be manufacturing unisex and gender-neutral products. It would be contradicting to start a separate product line just for men, when the identify for Meant was about minimizing, Lindsay says.

Lose the Clutter and Simplify Your Routine with Gender-Neutral Products 

Lindsay consciously designed Meant so it would cater to all genders, such as with the packaging. She tested the scent on as many men as women, and formulated products with all genders in mind. For example, Lindsay knew her husband often had ingrown hairs from shaving every day. So when formulating the Do-All Conditioner, her chemist added Babassu Oil, a natural antibacterial. Since shaving with the conditioner, Lindsay’s husband hasn’t had an ingrown hair since.

 Shaving Cream for Men and Women

The majority of Meant’s customers and social media following are women, Lindsay says, but she knows more men are using the products than counted. “I know for a fact that there are women who are buying it and their husbands using it. I love that Meant is for everyone!” she says.  

For simple, unisex products that are made to celebrate and nourish everyone and every body, check out our line of all-natural, organic products.


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