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Behind the Brand: Meant's Signature Scent

Behind the Brand

Signature Scent

If you’ve used a Meant product, you know its subtle yet distinctive aroma of bergamot and grapefruit. And if you’ve felt clean, happy or like you just woke up to the best morning ever after showering, the two-ingredient scent is doing its job. How Lindsay Knaak-Stuart, founder of Meant, landed on this signature scent was actually pretty *simple* — it was already formulated in the products. “We are letting the ingredients be the ingredients, and we are not really fussing with it too much,” Lindsay says.

The two ingredients both have skin-healthy properties: bergamot is mood uplifting, and grapefruit is full of antioxidants. At the beginning, Lindsay was playing around with herbal scents, her personal preference. She and Meant’s chemist used notes like rosemary and sage to create 20 different scent combinations. But when she began testing the scents on herself and her friends, everyone came to the same conclusion: the products already smelled great with no added fragrance.

“With our whole brand model of simple does it, it was kind of like, well why am I overthinking this?” Lindsay says. “Why do I even need to put so much thought and architecture into the scent when they already smell great as it is?”

The balance of the two ingredients was then refined — they added a touch more bergamot to add a deeper level of sophistication. But because each of the products has their own formulations, the scent comes across slightly different in each. The Wonder Polish, for example, is a coffee-based scrub and smells like coffee with a hit of citrus. The Absolute Balm is shea butter, so that product has more of a nutty smell, Lindsay says.

And perhaps best of all? The bergamot-grapefruit combination is unisex, and was loved by men, women and kids when testing. “We are for everyone and everybody,” Lindsay says. “I don’t think anyone can argue that they don’t like citrus scents.”

Haley Kim

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