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Beauty: Gender-Neutral Makeup and Skincare


Gender Neutral MakeupThe beauty of makeup is its flexibility. There’s no “correct” way of using it — you can use however much or however little you like. And while makeup has been traditionally regarded as the domain of women, it’s 2019. Anyone can wear makeup, for whatever reasons they want. As a unisex skincare brand, Meant is for everyone and every body. And we want to share the love — here are some of our favorite gender-neutral makeup and skincare brands.



The Los Angeles-based brand is focused on simplifying your skincare routine — its line only includes a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Less is more, and Panacea believes that even if you’re always on the go, you can maintain a proper skincare routine. The brand’s roots are in Korean beauty, which has been one of the world’s most innovative capitals for skincare.


With its sunny yellow packaging, you just feel happy looking at Asarai products. All of the line’s products are natural, and many feature organic ingredients. Check out the Earth Tones Face Mask, which is formulated with Australian Red Clay.

Alex Carro

Minimalist packaging for mixable, natural skincare — what’s not to love? The Barcelona brand is unisex and customizable, as you can mix together any of the five products in whatever quantities you want. And with beautiful, botanical scents, you’ll feel just as lovely as the products.

Makeup for Men and Women



With a focus on full coverage, JECCA is a unisex makeup brand that offers a Correct & Conceal Palette to camouflage beard shadow, under eye shadows and blemishes. The United Kingdom-based company was founded by makeup artist Jessica Blackler, who created the brand after realizing there were no makeup brands specifically for transgender people.


Serums, highlighters and stains are just some of the products in all-natural skincare and beauty line NOTO, founded by makeup artist Gloria Noto. We love how the Agender Oil — a use-anywhere-you-have-hair oil — is nonprofit, meaning 100 percent of sales are donated to charities.


Wear your makeup loud and proud — we’re big fans of the rainbow array of colors in Fluide’s line, which include liquid lipsticks, nail polish and glitter. The brand also donates part of its profits to LGBTQ organizations.

And while we love how these brands are specifically marketed as unisex, that’s not to say you can’t wear any makeup brand you want, no matter who it’s targeted to — there are no rules.

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